Discover what you REALLY want in life


  • Are you frustrated and feeling stuck?
  • Are you at a point in your life where you want to make some changes to improve the quality of your life?
  • Are you fed up with holding yourself back?
  • Do know that you need to do something about it?

You’re in the right place if you want a life:

  • Where you can genuinely rid yourself of anxieties and fears
  • That’s more fulfilling and less stressed
  • With purpose
  • Where you can recognise and realise your dreams
  • Where your weight is no longer matters
  • Filled with healthy and fulfilling relationships

I will help you every step of the way from there.

The right kind of therapy can work wonders when you decide it’s time to change.

I’m Jill Roberts and I work with men and women who have come to a point in their life where they know they are stuck and who genuinely want to move forward and change their lives for the better.

You will be in a protected place, where you are working with someone you can trust. Where communication will be supportive, encouraging and sometimes challenging. But all with the purpose of moving you forward on your life’s journey, where you can live your own life honestly and with purpose. A life where you are no longer being held back by anxieties and fears that are preventing you from having the quality of life that you long for; the life that you deserve.

At Leamington Therapy you will be heard and understood. If you are looking to tackle anxieties and fears, loose the weight that has been getting you down, or improve your relationships then I am an expert at asking you questions that allow you to discover what’s been holding you back.

Fully qualified and with over 10 years of practice experience I work in a unique way where your therapy will be completely designed around you and your needs. Whether you need CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), hypnotherapy, or coaching, I provide the right blend of therapies in way to make sure you get exactly the right results for you. Don’t worry about the long names; just know that what we put together will shift the blocks for you.

You don’t have to live a life by other people’s rules. You can choose to have a life that works on your terms.

Just call or contact me today and start on the journey to the life you want.

Tel: 01926 885779

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Jill’s not like any anyone else. She’s one off. She’s my roadmap through difficulty so I can see the path ahead. She’s the impetus and movement towards the light. When I am stuck in the cave in the dark she makes sure the light goes on. She comes into my life with support, enthusiasm and belief and helps me to weave a path out of my troubles. She’s got a disregard for the conventional. Working with her is liberating. Kirsty

Leamington Spa

Jill makes me feel secure and that she understands me. I know she genuinely cares about making my life better. She asks questions that are genuinely insightful and intuitive and that somehow give me energy to move me forward. Alexandra